This blog has been created with the purpose of sharing my views regarding the topics covered in my module at the University of Southampton, ‘Living and Working on the Web’.

My name is Hannah Buckfield and I am currently a second year Marketing student. Over the past semesters, I have researched plenty into technology and the digital world. In every single one of these modules, we have been encouraged to start our own blogs. This, for me, was a terrifying prospect. What would i write about? When i was scrolling through the list of optional modules to take this one caught my eye. It meant that I had some form of guidance and purpose for a blog.

Despite studying marketing at university, I have always have the end goal of being a primary school teacher. I am just undecided whether I want to do that later in life! I enjoyed my work experience at a primary school so much and have opted to study a module next semester in the education school that once again allows me to work in a school placement for a few hours a week.