It’s goodbye from me

Sitting in the introductory lecture for this module I really began doubting my choice in optional module. Having no lectures or formal seminars was a scary prospect but the communication with other bloggers was the key. I engaged with many of my peers, who questioned me to think further or from another viewpoint. This constant feedback in a sense, only helped to strengthen not only my posts, but also their ability to challenge me and present their own opinions. This journey is shown through my self test results, shown below, which illustrates how my skills developed further with each blog post.


Topic 2 explored online identities and the advantages and disadvantages that came with having one. The statistics that illustrated the dependence of most employers on LinkedIn for recruitment purposes, pushed me to creating an account.


This had always been an intention of mine but was something that I had been putting off for ages. Since actually building my profile properly, my profile statistics have developed, shown below.


Not only this, but in the same week’s research, the possible repercussions of having a prominent online identity also gave me a reality check. These things do happen and there are prevention methods that I can implement into my own social networking. All privacy settings on my social networking accounts have changed to be set to the highest security, which is highlighted in my self test.

Not only did I gain a lot of information during this module that I could easily relate to, but it also enabled me to develop my ability to create digital tools.  In the latter blog posts, I introduced two PowToon videos and three Infographics. This was the area within my self test that I saw the most progress, as before this module creating digital materials was something that I lacked experience in. This will be something that I can integrate into my other modules throughout university as an interesting way of presenting information. However, long-term these digital tools will be extremely useful during my teacher training. This module has provided me with a great platform of skills that i can extend further in order to present engaging and interactive lessons throughout my career. A summary of the key things that UOSM2033 taught me is displayed below.

When reviewing my self test, the only category that I rated myself to not yet be ‘experienced’ in, was building online networks around an area of interest. Despite progressing in this area from a 1 to 3, I still feel that this is the category that I can advance the most in. To achieve this, I am going to attempt to continue to post on this blog. Not only this, but focusing on expanding my LinkedIn network is also an area to consider. Making new business connections and posting articles that I have written should (hopefully!) result in business opportunities.

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I am currently a second year BSC Marketing student at the University of Southampton, with particular interest into online advertising and the role of the internet within businesses.

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