Reflective Summary: Authentic Professional Profiles

I thought that this weeks topic linked very well with last weeks. I also have an authentic professional online profile and therefore had some understand on how to build one. After reading the statistics included on most other blog posts, having an online professional profile is extremely important. I assumed that a lot of people would already have a profile because of this. This is why I focused more on how to make that profile ‘authentic’ in my post.

Joe’s comment on my blog was really thought provoking and seemed to summarise my thoughts on the topic. Joe asked whether or not there ‘authenticity’ was different between real life and online. In a professional sense, I do feel like I would filter myself in real life around management in the same way that I would filter my online profile. However, I do think it’s a lot easier to do this online with the help of privacy settings.

I noticed that Zac had also mentioned removing certain images from his Facebook profile. I questioned him similarly on this, to see if he thought that now those images had been deleted that his profile was still as ‘authentic’. He rightly pointed out that the pictures that he had left on his profile were still him. So yes, his online professional profile would still be authentic but perhaps just more controlled.

I found Hei’s blog post interesting, where her research found that a 10 second snapshot is all we have to make an impression. When referring this back to my research, I wonder whether or not this also would have an impact on authenticity. Surely, if we only have 10 seconds we have to do something to get noticed and present ourselves in the best way possible. Therefore, again we may leave out some aspects of ourselves.

I think it’s still debatable as to whether we can really build an online profile that is both authentic and professional. Whilst it is still a representation of us, it may not document every part of us.


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I am currently a second year BSC Marketing student at the University of Southampton, with particular interest into online advertising and the role of the internet within businesses.

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