Reflection: Do we need more?


The topic of Digital visitors and residents posed many hurdles, despite the concepts themselves being fairly unchallenging to understand. The stand out factor when comparing everyone’s blog posts was the lack of variety between them all. I think that whilst White and Cornu’s concept is a nice starting point, there is a lack of further research. The concepts need to be developed in order to provide more evidence. I think that if this was the case, then we may have seen more variety in blog posts and different students would have focused on different aspects of the extended research.

Emma’s comment on my blog post was extremely thought provoking and proposed one possible path in which researchers could investigate. The question was to consider whether in the future, due to technological advancements, would everyone be a resident? Whilst there is no evidence to support this, I think that perhaps the increasing use of technology would only cement the divide between residents and visitors. Those who use technology only when necessary, due to age or financial means for example, would only be left behind.

I thought that Alice’s blog used very relatable examples to open the blog, which engaged me as the reader. For someone who had never studied the topic before, reading Alice’s post would have enabled them to clearly identify themselves on the continuum.

The other blog I commented on was Nicole’s. She shares the opinion that Prensky’s theories are becoming out of date and stated that some younger people that she knows do not like using the web. This goes completely against the theory and again opens up another area for researchers to explore. This asks the question as to whether we need more research to form a solid argument on the topic.


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I am currently a second year BSC Marketing student at the University of Southampton, with particular interest into online advertising and the role of the internet within businesses.

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