Who am i?

I am currently a BSC Marketing student at the University of Southampton, with ambition to extend my online profile.

My current view on UOSM2033:

I have never maintained a blog before and the concept both excites and terrifies me at the same time! The opportunities that couldĀ arise from having a blog are endless, from job opportunities to a post going viral. However, it is these same benefits that are making me apprehensive. Knowing that anyone, regardless of their location, could read one of my blog posts presents a drive for perfection. Although, realistically everyone has their own opinion and it is impossible to think that everyone from different backgrounds will agree with my blog post.

I have completed my self test that shows my current understanding of the different aspects that are involved with living and working on the web. I intend to reflect back on this at the end of the module to review my progression.

What I hope to learn:

During this module I hope to develop my online network professionally. With this expansion, I hope to differentiate between my professional and social online presence. This separation will hopefully be easier to establish after completing this course. Finally, I hope to gain an understanding and view on many key online terms and be able to critically discuss them with my peers.


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I am currently a second year BSC Marketing student at the University of Southampton, with particular interest into online advertising and the role of the internet within businesses.

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